KUBE series lightweight planter boxes flying high

21 November 2012

The 58 lightweight planter boxes for Highpoint Shopping Centre have arrived on site. These images were supplied by our client who took them during the installation of the planter boxes. The installation of these lightweight planter boxes highlights the versatility of our core material LICOM76™. These planter boxes are extremely lightweight...

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A Private Courtyard – One Step Closer

20 November 2012

Our installation team came one step closer over the weekend to piecing together all of the components for one of our exciting internal courtyard concepts. See our initial concept sketch below for a visualization of what the area will look like once completed. The central focus of the design are two...

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custom designed water feature & planter boxes in a modular simple design

15 November 2012

The circular sculpture seen in this concept is a custom designed water feature idea that H2O has had for the past couple of years. When the opportunity arose to develop a concept for this residential pool area our team could not pass up the opportunity to feature the  circular sculpture...

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58 KUBE Series Planter Boxes Designed, Manufactured, Palleted and Sent

13 November 2012

In just under 2 months H2O Designs has manufactured 38 x 2000mm (l) x 500mm (w) x 900mm (h) and 20 x 2700mm (l) x 500mm (w) x 900mm (h) custom built KUBE series planter boxes. This week we saw the last 3 of the planter boxes stacked on custom...

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