St. Bede’s Primary School

Designed to inspire and constantly engage the imagination and creativity of the children at this Melbourne primary school, this custom water feature is an exciting and unique feature that holds a number of non-uniform water feature elements. Shaped like a mad scientists experiment, the feature houses a number of colour changing infinity bricks that are inlaid into the lightweight concrete boxes which appear to be almost suspended in mid air. Intertwined between the boxes, the lights and the plants is a clear tube filled with blue water that is constantly aerated with thousands of bubbles.


The custom water feature consists of a main trough 1250mm x 2700mm x 400mm which sits recessed in an existing concrete structure and is surrounded by an inlay of white pebbles. The feature boxes sit perched on top of a central pedestal that has a 4 sided negative edge, creating a flow of water down to the trough below. The pond and feature boxes were prefabricated using LICOM76™ and are completed in a white texture finish.


Custom Water Feature

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