15 February 2013

Concept 1:  Bar bench, stools and weather-proof external seating with storage

H2O Designs has developed several concepts for an external weather-proof bar bench and seating in a commercial terrace in Abbotsford. Our last newsletter featured the modular LICOM76™ planter boxes which occupy the other half of the terrace. Click here to sign up for H2O Designs monthly newsletter.

Concept 2: Bar bench and weather-proof seating with storage

Upon the success of the planter box transformation, the client has asked H2O Designs to create some functional and stylish architectural products for the side terrace. This area will serve as an informal meeting area and used to entertain guests.

Before image of the empty side terrace

The bench seat is to be clad with marine-grade cushions and fabrics and facilitate a hidden storage unit inside.

And on the other side..
Before image of the terrace // After with the modular LICOM76™ planter boxes
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