During the last two decades the creative team at H2O Designs have evolved and developed into a company that prides itself on innovative designs- designs that evoke passion and excellence.

Consequently H2O Designs is now a well-established and respected team that is highly sought after when a concept, develop and build is needed.

Over a decade ago h2o designs was born from a traditional landscaping foundation. During this time a range of common building techniques and materials were used to produce various water features and planter boxes for commercial and residential projects. The firsthand experience gained from these initial years in the business empowered H2O Designs with the knowledge and drive to develop a more suitable and efficient material and manufacturing process.

Extensive research and product development resulted in the exciting creation of LICOM76™, a lightweight concrete composite material that provides an array of benefits over traditional building techniques and materials.

Since the induction of H2O Designs into the industry we have grown into a dynamic team that brings vast experience from landscaping, horticulture and industrial/product design industries. This broad spectrum of knowledge gives us the ability to look at a project from various angles and when coupled with LICOM76™ ensure that we can develop and manufacture a practical and exciting solution for any area.

From concept generation and manufacture to collaboratively working on the development of architects and designers own ideas, H2O Designs is always looking to be inspired and challenged.


To constantly evolve and challenge our ideas through clever design and product development.

To build inspired spaces, from concept to creation, through the use of LICOM76™, exclusive to H2O.

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