custom Seating

H2O Designs architectural seating are fast becoming our most popular landscape product.

Our lightweight concrete seating solutions can be easily integrated with our planter box system or even other outdoor furniture elements such as tables. Seating modules can be fixed together to create desired lengths and shapes, to form larger configurations.

H2O Designs seating modules are fully customisable with variable dimensions in height and width, along with other additions such as provisions for integrated lighting, movable castors, integrated wireless charging pods and cushions, just to name a few.

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Journey through our projects in detail below, which highlight H2O Designs unique approach to seating.

custom lightweight concrete seating

Swanston Central

custom lightweight concrete seating The Alfred Hospital

alfred hospital

custom lightweight concrete seating vsba schools

vsba School Bundle

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custom concrete seating elements

Our custom seating is built for the client and their intended environment. A selection of our custom seating elements that can be included in our seating systems are below:

lightweight concrete seating integrated lighting


LED strip lights can be added to our seats or can be supplied with provisions for integrated lighting by creating a recess.

lightweight concrete seating


Seats can be manufactured using a range of speciality finish techniques, including a variety of concrete finishes, CorTen rust, tiled or clad.

lightweight concrete seating adjustable feet


Our seats can be customised to incorporate adjustable feet into the base and are tailored to suit the environment they will be placed in.

lightweight concrete seating Highpoint shopping centre


Seats can be fabricated with provisions for built in charging docks / GPO / USB ports.

lightweight concrete seating integrated planter boxes


Seamlessly integrate our planter boxes with our concrete seating, combined into one custom module.

lightweight concrete seating outdoor cushions


Outdoor and indoor seats can be beautifully enhanced with the addition of cushions.