East Brunswick Village

Custom Planter Boxes

Over 300 Lightweight concrete planter boxes were supplied and installed on several rooftops and podiums in East Brunswick Village, to create an inner-city garden oasis. Each module was fabricated offsite and then installed onsite to create these intricate organic shapes. The addition of integrated seating to a selection of planter boxes was also completed on site.

H2O’s detailed design and documentation facilitated the smooth installation of all the components. This project highlights our ability to create expansive garden beds in any size or shape from modular offsite fabrication.

Custom planter boxes Melbourne

Project In Detail

east brunswick village large, modular, pre-finished components loaded onto truck, ready for delivery h2o designs

1. An assortment of large, modular, pre-finished planters ready for installation.

east brunswick village On-site preparation, leveling with adjustable feet h2o designs

2. Onsite preparation, leveling with adjustable feet.

east brunswick village Module component assembly h2o designs

3. Planter box module component assembly.

east brunswick village Craned modules placed into position and levels checked h2o designs

4. Several planter box modules combine to make organic shapes.

east brunswick village Multiple, large planter boxes final placement h2o designs

5. Internal provisions for drainage and irrigation in all planters.

custom planter boxes rooftop garden East Brunswick Village

6. Completed modules, planted and with integrated seating.

PLAN VIEW OF PLANTER BOXES east brunswick village h2o designs


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