A Private Courtyard – One Step Closer

20 November 2012

Our installation team came one step closer over the weekend to piecing together all of the components for one of our exciting internal courtyard concepts. See our initial concept sketch below for a visualization of what the area will look like once completed.

The central focus of the design are two feature vertical planter boxes that are encased within powder coated steel frames, erected and fixed to the walls of the courtyard. Rusted shrouds with back lit decorative patterns will be clad to the steel frames. 11.5 metres of V style planter boxes are mounted to the walls and surround the vertical frames, sweeping across and bringing life to the walls.

The component installation is being completed over a number of stages. The following images show stage 1. which encompasses the installation of the vertical steel frames and wall mounted planter boxes. Once the walls of the courtyard have been clad with decorative stone our installation team will return to finish of the install, fit of the custom irrigation and drainage and plant out all the planter boxes.


The initial concept sketch that was presented to the client showing a visual representation of what the completed project will look like from inside the house.

Rob, H2O Designs director and installation wiz fixing the wall planters in place.

Scaffolding was erected within the courtyard to allow our installers to safely install the wall planters 3+ metres in the air.

Over the Christmas break we look forward to the completion of this project. Keep your eyes peeled for more information soon!

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