Green Square

Custom Planter Boxes

The custom wall planters for the apartment’s library and indoor pool were designed as individual wall panels with planter box modules on the face and cleverly concealed drainage and irrigation at the back of the panels.

The wall panels were manufactured in our factory and then installed onsite to create large wall planters that were then subtly lit with LED strip lights at the base of each planter. Modular, offsite manufacturing and clever design created these unique green planter walls.

Lightweight planter boxes Melbourne

Project In Detail

green square Large, modular, pre-finished components loaded onto truck, ready for delivery h2o designs

1. Individual placement of prefabricated garden wall modules onsite.

green square on-site preparation, leveling with adjustable feet h2o designs

2. Onsite preparation, leveling of all garden wall modules.

green square multiple, large planter boxes final placement h2o designs

3. Planter box module component assembly.

Craned modules placed into position and levels checked h2o designs

4. Final installation of planter wall modules and provisions.

Lightweight concrete wall planters

5. Pool planter wall modules completed and planted.

lightweight concrete wall planters

6. Completed planter box modules, complete with custom lighting.

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