Queens Domain

Custom Rooftop Gardens

This large, communal rooftop incorporates 4 large planter boxes with integrated seating, to form a green space for the residents to relax and appreciate the enviable view. With such a large footprint the garden beds were broken down into 17 individual modules that were craned onto the Level 20 rooftop, where they were positioned and levelled onsite. In addition to seating, H2O also integrated tables and BBQs to create a truly functional rooftop environment for everyone to enjoy.

Rooftop Garden Melbourne

Project In Detail

queens domain water feature delivery h2o designs

1. Large, modular, pre-finished components loaded onto truck, ready for delivery.

h20 designs queens domain rooftop construct

2. Onsite preparation, leveling with adjustable feet.

queens domain water feature construct h2o designs

3. Module component assembly.

queens domain water feature h2o designs

4. Craned modules placed into position and levels checked.

queens domain rooftop construction h2o designs

5. Multiple, large planter boxes final placement.

Rooftop Garden Queens Domain

6. Completed modules, planted and with integrated seating.

planter design h2o designs

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