Alfred Hospital

Custom Lightweight Seating

25 lineal metres of H2O lightweight concrete seating is the design centrepiece for the Alfred Hospital’s Psych Courtyard. Overall, the design was minimal with consideration for safety, whilst creating an inviting space for the patients.

The gentle curve of this seating is soft and soothing and doesn’t overpower the small space, but rather enhance the area. Curved seating pods were purpose built to surround our custom tables. A lovely use of our architectural lightweight concrete seating furniture.

courtyard design

Project In Detail

modular seating

1. H2O seat modules in factory, prefinished and ready for delivery.

lightweight concrete seating

2. Alignment of seat modules in factory, prior to delivery.

h2o designs alfred hospital custom seating build

3. Courtyard preparation prior to delivery of modules to site.

alfred hospital h2o designs custom seating build

4. Preparation of floor to ensure a level base.

lightweight concrete seating

5. 25 lineal metres of seating in place and installed.

lightweight concrete seating

6. Completed seat module installation, courtyard ready for patients.

courtyard design


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