Abbotsford Commercial Terrace

H2O Designs worked in conjunction with the landscape architect from John Patrick Architects to create a functional and beautiful terrace with custom-built modular planter boxes and a built-in bench seat. The planter boxes have a two-toned effect to define the bench seat and wave pattern, highlighting the flexibility of LICOM76™ and the endless possibilities when constructing with an organic form.

The use of LICOM76™ allowed for this rooftop terrace to be designed and constructed in small modular components, which were constructed in-factory and installed on site to create a seamless exterior with the appearance of a single large planter. The weight restrictions placed on this commercial terrace meant the lightweight nature of LICOM76™ was perfect for creating the illusion of a concrete planter without the excessive weight.

Planter boxes with built-in bench seat with a polished concrete base and accent rust finish, all manufactured with LICOM76™.


Planter box with built-in bench seat, planting, irrigation.

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