Arintji Restaurant

Designed in conjunction with SJB Interiors are the stunning copper-clad planter boxes for Arintji Restaurant in Fed Square, Melbourne. The series of interlocking lightweight planter boxes with copper surface created a decorative boundary to the restaurant. Various sized planters were installed and fitted with internal stanchions & locking plates, to ensure they were securely locked together, imperative for their public space location. Finishing touches include custom built kickers, suited to the site slopes & ‘Arintji’ logo was incorporated into the most prevalent planter box which was backlit.


Lightweight concrete planter boxes  at 2000mm(L) or 1340mm(L) x 450mm (W) x 450mm (H) were manufactured with LICOM76™ and clad in copper, internal stanchions and locking plates, custom built alucobond kickers, Arintji logo was waterjet cut with an acrylic backing and backlit through an internal light box built into the planter box wall.


Custom built lightweight concrete planter boxes with copper cladding, black kickers suited to the slopes, light box, PVC drainage and irrigation.

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