The artistic design for this water feature stemmed from the angular shape of the homes rooflines, hence the creation of an angular water feature with angled flow of water through the feature. Designed to be the focal point, drawing the eye from inside the home to the stunning outdoor pool area. This water feature is visually appealing by day and stunning by night via the use of blue LED lighting, which complements beautifully against the dark colours of the home. The water feature creates a sense of movement along the static fence line and was recessed into the deck to better integrate with the area.


3000mm(L) x 1000mm(W) x 2400mm(H) custom built water feature consisting of 40 x 4mm water jets and custom built stainless steel spillways, custom made splash/noise reduction grill, outdoor seat with black weatherproof cushion, 3 x tapered planter boxes, 1 x tapered, pebbled water feature. All components are made from LICOM76™ and finished in specialty corten finish.


Water feature, seating, planter boxes, decking, lighting, and planting

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