Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club

This impressive water feature consists of 5 rusted towers and 3 water walls, with water cascading from the highest point of 8 meters. Due to the water features location in the internal atrium of the club, traditional forms of fabrication would have made the project construction extremely difficult and more importantly disruptive for the client. H2O Designs method of construction allowed us to manufacture the individual components off-site, which were then delivered and assembled on-site.


Troughs, Towers and Water walls manufactured from LICOM76™. Towers were clad with lightweight panels with a stressed corten finish and water walls with blue glass panels. Each trough had 4 bubblers and blue LED pond lights. White LED strip lights were run up the water walls.


Water feature with 2 troughs, 5 rusted towers and 3 water walls, lighting

bottom shadow